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My name is Ulric Alstermark. I was born in 1973, and I live in a small flat in Lund, Sweden. I am a creative person, who likes to write, take pictures, and do some web design.

This far, I am my own publisher. Thanks to the "print-on-demand"-technology, I have published one collection of short stories, two collections of poems, and one "blog book". If you are able to read Swedish, you can order two of the books at www.books-on-demand.com, and two of the books at www.vulkan.se.

Sometimes, I think of translating more of my Swedish poems into English, and thereafter publish an entire collection of poems in English. Hopefully, it will really happen some time.

The content in this (English) version of my web site is unfortunately rather poor. It mostly depends on my limited knowledge in the English language. Lack of time may be another reason.

I welcome any kind of comments! E-mail them to ulric@alstermarks.se.